Talk academy changed my life!!!

I have been studying in the Philippines for more than 2 months. I want to thank one of my friends who recommended me study in Talk Academy. As many of the other people, when it comes to the topic about learning English , I always consider the developed country, like The USA ,England, Australia and so on. I had a deep concept only when I go to such country I could learn English very well.

But after I came to the Philippines in Talk academy I have changed my mind. I do love the studying environment, and I have been attracted by some of the excellent teachers who have strong skills about Grammar. Actually, my English grammar level is very low. The reason why my English grammar is poor is very long story. As most of the 80’s generations knew, teachers taught us with a simple but rude way when we were in High school. She read the sentence loudly we should follow her about 3 times, no pronunciation class at all .I still remember the first class I took in high school. The first lesson is about a conversation.

A: Good Morning, My name is Li Lei, how are you?

B: I am fine, thank you, and you?”

For it was our first time to touch English, the teacher forced us to remember all the lessons. In order to memorize them we just used a fully way to use similar Chinese words instead of English pronunciation, with this way, you can imagine how bad our pronunciation are. I was a little naughty that time, so my English teacher disliked me very much. Because lack of good teachers and the best way to study English, I nearly given up English. I always did the other subjects during English Class, and I was proud of my poor exam result just like the other students whose said:” if you don’t have a good exam for English it means that you love your country very much…”

Of course the stupid thinking only remain in a short period of time, but when I wanted to improve my English I found it’s hard for me. I also did not have much time to focus only on it like when I took GaoKao, I need to concentrate on the other subjects. Again I had to give up English. This situation changed until I graduated from senior high school. My parents believe that if a person who speaks English fluently she or he will earn a lot of money, so in my university I changed my major from Music to English. My terrible life began, I still remember when I took the first class in my university, I couldn’t understand even one word, I only knew several simple words like “yes, no, good…”

But when I turned around I found a horrible truth. It seemed I was the only student who can’t follow the teacher, so I think I am stupid. I felt shamed by the other classmates, my teacher also talked with me in a polite way “maybe you should change your major.” I was frustrated and I told myself I could do it, I don’t want to let my parents down and I need to prove something to myself to my teacher. Then I started to learn English by myself I spent half a year to keep up with my classmates I could understand 80 percent of the lessons during the class

In the university we only have 1 teacher in a class with many students so the attention

that the teacher provides is not enough for a big group of students.

I was thinking “if I have a teacher who only focuses on me that would be perfect” and now my dream came true in Talk academy

I have 4 man to man classes. My teachers are very kind and patient to me. They correct all of my grammar mistakes or pronunciation problems. Through their help, I have confidence to improve my language ability. After 2 months of studying in Talk, my progress was rapid. I improved not only in English but also TOIEC. I was able to achieve the score of 725. The English environment gives me too much practice. For the remaining four months of studying, I have confidence to conquer English and I am very grateful to my friends for their recommendation. I am delighted for my choice. I am thankful for the change brought to me by talk academy.



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