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Phỏng vấn học viên nhỏ tuổi Zen- tại CIP


Mặc dù chưa đủ 15 tuổi nhưng Zen (Phạm Thị Thảo) là cô bé khá chững chạc, lần đầu tiên xa nhà nhưng em rất tự lập và hoàn toàn chủ động trong mọi sinh hoạt tại trường và giờ giấc học tập.

Zen đăng ký khóa học 8 tuần bắt đầu vào ngày 4/6-29/7, tới nay em đã tham gia được 6 tuần và rất hài lòng về cuộc sống tại trường, và sự tiến bộ về tiếng Anh của mình.

Sau đây là cuộc phỏng vấn học viên, toàn bộ câu hỏi bằng tiếng Anh được trường chuẩn bị và  Zen không hề biết trước nhé. Cùng xem cảm nhận của bạn ấy về trường nào!

1. Why did you choose to study English in Philippines?

ZEN:  Philippines is a good country to study English, it has a good environment, here, English is like the indigenous language.

– I like 1 on 1 class and CIP is the right choice for this way to study English.

2. What were your impressions of studying English in The Philippines?

ZEN:  Every people here in CIP can speak English and their English are well

– The teachers are really nice, friendly, funny and kind

– The classes are very amazing.

3. Do you think your English skills improved while studying English in The Philippines?

ZEN : Before I came here, my grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc. are very bad. But now, I think that my English has improved a lot.

4. Do you think that CIP has more advantages compare to the other language schools in the Philippines?

ZEN:  Although, CIP is my first English school, base on what I experienced, I can say that CIP is the best school in the Philippines.

4. Who is your favorite teacher in CIP?

ZEN:  About my favorite teacher. Every teacher here are my favorite teachers. Some teachers are funny, kind friendly. Some teachers are serious but nice and kind. I love all of teachers in CIP

5. Did you make many friends while you were here?

ZEN:  Yes, from when I came here up to now, I had many memorable experiences about my new friends. I had the greatest time in CIP.

6. Do you think you learned a lot from your native English teacher while studying English in Philippines?
ZEN:  Yes, I do. I learned a lot from my native teacher while studying English in Philippines. My vocabulary improved. My pronunciation is better than before.

7. Please share your good memories in CIP.

ZEN:  After self-study in the evening ( at 9 p.m ) me and my friends are going to swimming pool to play. I love that time.
– Swim, play, ate with friends: I had a lot of fun time with my friends

– Funny, useful classes: I had many time, amazing time with my teachers. And in group class, I am very happy.

8. If you graduate, will you recommend your friends to English language school in the Philippines?
ZEN: Yes, I will talk to my friends to come here. Because CIP changed my life – I had best friends, Improved English skill, good memories, etc.

9. Finally, do you have any ideas you would like to suggest to CIP for better development?
ZEN: CIP should check the dorm rooms before the students arrive.

– Organize many extra curricular activities between teachers and students.

– CIP should have a library.

Thank you!



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